Hi, I hope this is the right place and have searched for a solution to no avail.

My office's LAN network consists of two iMacs (mine is Snow Leopard which I just upgraded to from Tiger, the other is still Tiger) and two PCs.

I can print easily from my machine to our HP Color LaserJet 5550. I have also succeeded in enabling the PCs to print to this printer via CUPS.

As for the other Tiger, it can't print at all. It does not detect the HP at all when I open up System Preferences. Even when I manually enter my IP, it doesn't work.

Does anyone know how to solve this; how can I get the Tiger to detect my printer? Why doesn't it detect it automatically like before, when my machine still used Tiger?? I really appreciate any help I can get what makes it worse is the Tiger is my bosses' machine and I don't want to seem incompetent (like he is). Thanks!

Edit: File sharing is okay between the two Macs. It's just the printer that doesn't show up.