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    The LED Cinema Display from Apple?
    I have the MacBook Pro 13-inch and the screen is too small for editing videos and photos on Photoshop. It is also too small for just every-day life, like doing stuff, browsing, or even wondering around. I've seen many monitors, but the one from Apple, the LED Cinema Display looks real nice. I would like to ask you if this is a good choice and if I won't regret buying it.
    And if there are any people who have it, just say what you think about it, what is on your mind, if this is the best idea.
    And how does it work, can I just plug the cables into my laptop, and close the laptop's screen, will the Cinema Display still work, because closing the laptop puts him to sleep, does that still work will the monitor is hooked up? And I just need to know if I am able to use the Display while the laptop is closed, because I don't need the laptop screen while I have the big one, I don't need two screens, I just need the big one and I would close the laptop.
    Thank you

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    You can use it while the laptop is closed, with the cables connected. You just have to move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard to wake it up once the cover is closed. Once it outputs to the Cinema Display you can open the cover tog cool it off more without the MBP Display coming on. It will bring it up in the higher resolution. I used one myself with the 13" MBP witha BT keyboard and mouse. No regrets with purchasing it for use with the MBP.

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    OK, so what if I don't want to spend a lot of money just for Apple's name on a display? I can get ACER 24" for just half the price of the Apple Cinema Display 24". DO you think it will work properly and do you think it will work on the MacBook Pro 13-inch?
    Do I have to buy the miniDVI to DVI or whatever the switch cable was from the port on the laptop to the DVI ...
    What do you think is better? Because I can get the same big screen if I go with that ACER -
    I can get the ACER 24" + an iPad 32GB ... so what do you think?
    DO you think Apple's screen is better and I should go for it.
    Just a note ... I have iPhone 3GS 32GB and MacBook Pro 13-inch ...
    But I am just asking ... THANK YOU! I hope you would help me!

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