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Thread: Projector for movies

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    Nov 01, 2009
    Projector for movies
    Hi, I'd like to buy a projector to play movies, I have a Macbook 13 inch.

    What kind of projector would satisfy my needs and what is the average cost? I have a big wall at my place where I could project Movies.


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    You can find used ones at the pawn shop $200. New ones are $300. to $800. or more for HDTV. Look for one thats for video and not just data. They will have RCA inputs. If your real creative you can make one your self from an LCD monitor. Just google make video projector.

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    Nov 01, 2009
    Okay it is confusing , because I see there are lots of types of projectors. IS there always mentionned what the maximal size is of the projected screen. I want to have my whole wall filled

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