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Thread: Mac won't read USB MicroSD card anymore

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    Mac won't read USB MicroSD card anymore
    Alright, my Mac decided to throw up my USB and doesn't want it anymore.

    I have a 2GB MicroSD card with a USB adapter that i've been using with this computer smoothly for about a year. Today, i tried to move a folder from my computer onto the card, and it didn't work. It promptly closed the USB's window and gave me the "improper device removal" notice.
    I tried reinserting the USB in different ports and restarting the computer, to no avail. The card itself is still working fine. My computer just doesn't want it anymore. It's kind of important... What happened, and what can I do to fix it?

    I'm on a Mac OS X version 10.4.11 (Tiger).

    The device does not seem to show up in the System Profiler under USB either.

    P.S. - Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or if it's been answered before, i looked.

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    Almost sounds like the reader went and died overnight. Does it have a removable USB cord? If so, then try another cord for it; if not, then you might have to buy another one unless someone else here finds another cause.
    Zach H.
    PowerMac G4 AGP graphics, Mac OSX 10.4.11, 512 MB RAM, 10GB HD, 802.11g network card, 400 MHz PowerPC processor, 500GB Western Digital External HD hooked up on FW400

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    Ah, sorry my reply is so late.

    Well, it seems to be working on other computers so it's likely something wrong with my Mac... =/

    There is no cord, it's um.. a mini USB adapter, where you put the MicroSD card directly into the USB thing. The port on the Mac seems to be working fine, because when I plug other things into it they work. My Mac just ignores this one adapter.

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