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    How do I pair a white wireless keyboard to a Mini?
    Hi folks,

    I've just purchased a white wireless keyboard off of a seller on amazon, to use with my late '09 Mini.
    The keyboard (as far as I can tell) is not coming with any of the original software disks and I've checked apple's site for the relevant software, but found nothing.

    I'm assuming that the software's included in the OS? I take it that I'd need to do a software update, once the keyboard's paired?

    Can someone point me to a how-to to pair the keyboard to the Mini.

    Thanks in advance.
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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    Providing you have the right wireless network facilities in place, the keyboard should just work. I'm assuming it's an Apple wireless - right? It uses bluetooth technology (so I read), and according to Mactracker, it's built-in to your Mini.

    In respect of the MacOS, in systems previous to SLpd, there is a 'recognition' process, pressing key combinations to make the OS match the keystrokes with what's in the system. That may be all you need to do.
    Please post your Mac (or other) specs and MacOS version in your post, your profile or your signature. It helps us to help you better.

    I'm leaving now to go and find myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.

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    Hi Hugh,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Yes, the keyboard is the white bluetooth (4xAA battery, G5 era, I think) model and I have BT built in to the Mini, so no problems there.
    The reason I posted, is because the vendor on amazon said it didn't include the application CD (I'm guessing that when this was new, it required some drivers, which would be outdated nowadays, anyway)

    I found out how to pair bluetooth devices, using system prefs > bluetooth; it seems relatively simple and I've managed to pair my Samsung Tocco to the mini as a test.

    Thanks for your input.
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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