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    MBP as Monitor
    Hey all,

    I recently bought a Mac Mini but due to a very limited budget did not get a monitor. I'm currently using a roommate's HDTV. Anyway, I'm wondering if there is anyway to use my Macbook Pro as a monitor for the Mac Mini. I'm really hoping something like Spaces is possible, with one space dedicated to the Mac Mini and the other the Macbook. I've searched around but haven't had any luck yet. Thanks in advance.

    - Jarvis

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    Not possible as the MBP only has video out. No port for video in. You would have to purchase the new iMac 27" to be able to use its display from another source.


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    Check out ScreenRecycler...


    I used it a few times last year, but didn't stay with it because I realized it was absurd to run a G4 tower just to be a second screen on a box that I only type on :p

    But it's good software and it'll do exactly what you want.

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