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Thread: Ext HDD File Recovery/Restore

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    Question Ext HDD File Recovery/Restore
    I was deleting a USB stick in the disk utility but accidentally ended up pressing erase for my external hard drive.
    In a panic, I unplugged the Firewire cord of the external, hoping to save the data, but now the data is showing up as locked files. The icons are like little grey windows with locks in the left hand corner. When I try and open them they either open the Textedit application or a message comes up saying "There is no default application specified to open the document'... and then it gives me an option to "choose application".
    I've been experimenting with file recovery software, but most of it isn't doing much. The hard drive wasn't erasing long enough for a terrabyte of data to be deleted, but all of the files are no longer accessible.
    Any advice would be helpful.

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    What format was the external hard drive using that you accidentally erased, or partially erased? (It makes a difference which recovery software to use.)


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    Right now, in Disc Utility, it says:
    MS-DOS File System (FAT32)

    Maybe it reverted to this format.

    I believe what it was using before was:
    Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

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