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Thread: Internal USB Card - Losing External HDD

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    Internal USB Card - Losing External HDD

    Having an issue with my internal USB card and just wondered if anybody has come across a similar thing?

    Basically, I installed a Mac compatible internal USB Card into my 2008 Intel MacPro (Allegro USB PCIe). The card works fine and runs all my external HDD's; However, when the Mac goes into standby, it loses the external HDD's. So when I awaken the Mac, I'm greeted with the 'Device Removal' message.

    When I ran the HDD's off my cheap USB Hub, it used to retain the HDD's and not remove them, so when I awoke the the system they were still there.

    Anybody know of a work around for the internal card? I'm concerned I'm going to accidentally corrupt the external HDD's and don't wan to have to eject them every time I put the Mac into standby.


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    The problem could be simply that the card isn't compatible with those drives. The card can read and write to them, but it has a hard time when it goes into sleep mode.

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