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    Mar 13, 2010
    Apple Magic Mouse
    New to the Mac world and just got my first MBP. I wanted to get some opinions on Mice and the Magic Mouse itself.

    First I like to do a little gaming every now and then on my laptops and I wanted to see how this mouse holds up to other gaming type mice such as logitech devices.

    But mostly my notebook will be for work and school.

    Plus it looks like a fun mouse to use and get used to.

    Edit: Oops, guess I should have posted this in the Mouse thread?

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    Jul 17, 2009
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    Just got a new 27" iMac and it came with the wireless keyboard and magic mouse. I'd used the Magic Mouse a little bit at the Apple Store and it felt good, after using it for some hours yesterday, it feels completely natural and nice. The scrolling is great..and if you intend to use it as a single or 2 button works's the middle button functionality that's a little touchy for me right now..

    Haven't been a PC gamer for a long time, so I can't tell you how well this compares to other mice out there..XBOX FTW..


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    Mar 13, 2010
    I will have to test it out.

    The one thing that I like is the lack of a USB transmitter.

    I do like console games but I am a PC gamer at heart and have been on for the longest time. Nothing beats playing an FPS with a Keyboard and Mouse.

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    Oct 28, 2010
    Magic Mouse Newer update
    I have the same and additional problems with MM. I understand that there are new versions of the software that fix these problems. I have downloaded the "latest" upgrade I could find (Version: 1.0. Post Date: October 27, 2009. Download IDL951.File Size: 36.22MB), but when I open it it tells me that there is a newer upgrade and it refuses to instal. Can someone tell me how to find the latest version of this software? I have installed the latest upgrades from Mac's Software Update but it wasn't among them. I stopped using MM shortly I got my new Mac because it kept freezing, and am now using Logitech, but I hate to waste my money, so I'd like to give it another try.
    Thanks for help.

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    Since you didn't bother to mention what Mac and what OS version you're running, it's very hard to say what the problem is. Snow Leopard has the drivers for MM built right in, so there's no need for a driver.

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