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    Backing up to External HD?
    I have a Western Digital 500 mb ext HD. A few months ago I loaded all my pics and some documents to back up my Mac. Today I wanted to add more pics to the HD, but when I tried to transfer the iphoto library (I have no idea how many new pics I had, so I couldn't just add them individually) I oly got a choice of "replace existing folder" or "stop". It took over 45 minutes to replace the folder. Is there a way to select something like "add new pics" or "do you want to copy pics already in folder" or something like that?
    Please help me.

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    Not really unless you open the iPhoto library up as a folder (right-click on the file and select 'show package contents' then drill down to your new files. This isn't the easiest way to do it though.

    If you have leopard or snow leopard I'd just setup Time Machine and get it to backup only the folders/files you want if you'd prefer not to have a complete backup on the external HDD as it would normally do. Time machine will update only changes or new files and will be significantly faster and its automated.

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    Thanks -
    the original stuff was transferred from Tiger, but now I have a new imac and I can use time machine for everything from here on out. I'm still kind of a novice when it comes to anything other than emailing and word processing. Haven't gotten the whole file-saving/transferring thing worked out yet.

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    If u have a spare $10 this may be of interest - Time Machine help and more: Take Control of Easy Mac Backups

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    You could use a program like iPhoto Library Manager to "merge" the two libraries.

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