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    Mini-DVI to Video Problem
    I bought the Dynex version of the mini-dvi to video adapter to watch videos on my TV, none of my TV's have VGA, DVI or HDMI. I hooked it all up and got unusable signal on one of my TV's which is a 26", on my other TV which is 20" and was able to get a blurry black and white image with duplicates of the screen, but that was on the lowest resolution. I tested the port with a VGA adapter I got with my Macbook (Early 2008 Black Macbook) and never used, it worked, but that was on a regular monitor. I know its not the port now. It should be able to display on the TV's especially the small one. Any of yall got an idea?


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    Problem solved, After reading the Dynex reviews at seems 99% of them don't work. Took it back and got a refund. Picked one up from Mac Authority and it worked flawlessy the first time.

    Save yourself some time and spend the extra 3 dollars for the Apple one.

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    I just got a set of mini dvi to vga cables from amazon, as well as a vga to s-video converter. I think I might be having the same problem, has anybody used these ones? I get some flickering on my tv, but that's about it.


    Mini Dvi to VGA

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