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    Problems burning a DVD

    I've been having major problems using iDVD and disk utility. This is my first mac ever..I've called the apple experts three times, each time I get a little further but still have not been successful in burning a DVD. The last time i tried to burn a DVD using iDVD the program said it finished burning, but there was still time left. I tried the DVD out in my dvd player, but it didnt work...and iDVD was still counting down time. I decided to stick the dvd back in, but it didnt let me eject it out. I decided to let iDVD finish, but it got stuck at 3 minutes left for about two hours. .So, the burn failed.

    I then tried to used disk utility by creating a disk image, the movie worked fine when i tested it out. So i tried burning the dvd and i got the error message (twice) "the burn failed because of a medium writing error". I'm using DL +R DVDs. When i did a test burn of a 10 second video it burned just fine in iDVD, the movie file that i am trying to burn is 7.64GB.
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums Kristy.

    Okay, have read your other post again, so when you've tried some of the options suggested, post back in this thread.

    A further option is Burn Burn - Home. I have never used it, so cannot comment on how good/bad it might be.
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