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    Apple Magic mouse on windows 7 problem

    I am running bootcamp 3.1 on windows 7 and everytime I turn off my magic mouse and turn it back on I have to go through the whole process of installing it again, including deleting the old mouse profile and having it reinstall the drivers. Why does it do this?

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    I can't get my bluetooth keyboard or mouse to work right on the windows side either. I've resorted to using a USB keyboard and mouse when I go to windows. I just leave them plugged in all the time, so all I have to do is move them to use them. I prefer using a Windows keyboard with windows anyway.

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    Bluetooth devices have to be paired to work. I wonder if since Windows is a totally different OS (Even though it's on the same hardware) if that is the issue as you are changing from OSX to Windows and if the MM is Paired with OSX I would think it would have to be Paired again to W7. Just a guess as I have never tried it here.

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