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    how do you take a video from imovie and open it on a pc?
    someone please help, I am doing a school project and we made a video in imovie but I need to get it to the PC at school (the projector computer) but how do I get my video to the other computer. Could I some how use a flash drive?
    Without downloading on the other computer because It is a school computer. I need to transfer the video and open it with something like windows media player. its due soon so PLEASE get back to me right away!

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    It depends on how large the movie is. The problem with placing a large movie on a flash drive is that flash drives are formatted to FAT-32 at the factory. And FAT-32 has a single file size limit of around 4 Gb. If your movie is larger than 4 Gb you can not copy it to a flash drive. If it's smaller, it will copy OK and you can easily transfer it to the PC.


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    You have a variety of export options in iMovie, but personally I would just burn the movie to a DVD using iDVD. BE AWARE THAT THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME.

    Any PC (or just plain old DVD player) should be able to read the DVD just fine.

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    Ive had tried using iDVD before but it never worked for me, how long will it take ?

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