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    Problem with external hard drive
    Hi, I have just bought a Western Digital My Book Studio Edition 2 and it doesn't seem to work with Leopard. To put files on the drive, it asks for my password and to delete them off the drive it also asks for my password but then tells me I don't have authorisation. How can I disable this feature or is there at least a workaround?


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    Well the WD My Books as far as i know are plug and play. Well thats what i did with My Book 1TB.
    Is the password being asked for the one for your system ??

    Try as well going into Disk Utility when its plugged and see what its formatted in. Should be Mac OS Extended (Journaled) ...
    A little to start with

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    If the drive is NTFS then OSX can read it but not edit it.
    You probably need to reformat it as Mac OS Extended or FAT32 (if you think you might use it with a PC sometimes).

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    Fixed now - just had to fix permissions and sharing.


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    Thanks a million (Boybland) helped me as well!!!:-)

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