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    Apple airport express - Please help me :)
    Hi all,

    I have an IMac G5 and two airport expresses, I also have an iphone. I use the airports purely to run itunes and have them plugged in to amps; one upstairs and one down and the iphone acts as a remote.

    They have been working perfectly, then today I picked up my iphone and it said it couldn't find my playlist? When I went to look at the mac it was no longer showing the two airports as speakers. I went to the airport config and it says it can't find them no matter how many times I rescan

    Any ideas very much appreciated.

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    So, let me understand this. You have two airport express's. One is plugged into one stereo system, and the other is plugged into another stereo? Is that correct? The 'playlist' is where? Is it on an external hard-drive and you're accessing it wirelessly using your iPhone and the airport express network, or is your iPhone the 'source' of the music? Is one airport express extending the network of the other, or are both separate networks unto themselves?

    First of all, restart your airport express network. Do it the old fashioned way- unplug them both from their power source and let them sit for a couple of minutes, then plug them back in. Once you have 'green' indicators, open your airport utility and scan. Check to see they are both showing up. Reboot your iPhone. Power down completely and then restart. Are the airport expresses showing up as speakers?

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