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Thread: Very annoying Apple TV Problem!

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    Very annoying Apple TV Problem!
    I love my Apple TV and until recently it worked great. My problem is that it won't sync. I keep getting an error stating it is not responding and I need to check port 3389. I called Apple and they gave a BS answer that it is my router. I can ping the ATV no problem. I tried a power cycle and tried re establishing a connection to itunes. The only thing that works is removing Itunes (not the library) and then doing a re-install. Then it syncs fine a couple times and then starts all over again.

    I did a google search and it seems to be a common problem with no real solution. Any help for me?

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    In front of MY MAC OR LINUX BOX
    Shut down you're mac and the two boxes of Appler TV .
    Shut off you're router for about 10 seconds.
    Start up first you're router if you're router is fully working again the two boxes of APlle TV
    And when the two are fully working start up the MAC again.

    hope it works

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    Does your ip address use DHCP because correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like
    its static and it assigns an address each time you reload iTunes.

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