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    Bizzarre SuperDrive issues: Could be OS?
    Okay. I have this strange issues on my Early 2006 1.83 gHz iMac, running snow leopard 10.6.2. Every time I insert a CD for the first time, it mounts and then unexpectedly unmounts. To get the CD to mount, I have to eject the disk and then put it back in. What is even more interesting is that iTunes will recognize the CD for a split-second before it disappears without a warning. Then after the CD is done importing, it starts importing again, like it was trying to pick up from the first attempt. Even more strange is that the CDs now come shooting out of the drive, often rolling out of the computer on to the ground. Before, they would just rest in the middle, and I would pull them out...

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    Solution: Replace the SuperDrive or buy an external drive and use it instead. Your SuperDrive probably has seen better days.... you can try cleaning it but I think there's more problems with it than dirt on the lens.


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    I dont think that the problem is the physical drive though, because after I insert the disc for the second time onwards it works just fine.

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