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Thread: Video Out Macbook Black 10.5.8

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    Unhappy Video Out Macbook Black 10.5.8
    I have a s-video/composite adapter for my Macbook but everytime I hook up to a tv the BEST I can get is black and white and very distorted on the tv. What can I do to make this work? I used to video out on my iBook all the time and it worked perfectly.
    this is the 2nd adapter I've gotten and didn't work.
    if it helps my Macbook is about 2 years old and I did recently do a fresh reinstall.
    Any Help is appreciated.

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    Does your TV have any other inputs besides composite video? DVI? HDMI?

    Have you tried using a mini DVI to DVI adapter from your MacBook or a mini DVI to VGA adapter?

    What year model TV is it?

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