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    Saving and backing up music
    I am a former windows user that has switched to a mac book pro. I have a WD ext drive that is NTFS formatted, with a large collection of music on the drive, (im a DJ). I also have a WD my book world edition network drive that I want to back up my music to. I want to remove the music from the WD ext drive completely, and run the music from my mac book HD, with a BU on the network drive. Because there is three different file systems, my question is, how do I go about doing this?

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    Get a very large extra HD, format it for Mac. Move the music from the other drives to it. Then reformat the other drives, and either restore or move around as you like.

    I recently got a 1.5TB Iomega drive for $129 and did more-or-less this same thing (I had three previous 500GB drives I'd gotten over the years. It was incredibly painless.

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    unibody 17" mbp
    Thanks a million! I was worried about read/write issues btwn the 3 different file systems. Thank god I have a spare drive! Whats the best SW to use to sync backups (to the network drive) once the music is on the mac HD? I have itunes, but I want to keep the same file and folder structure that I already have. My WD BU software changed the file structure to itunes format, and I had to delete the entire BU!

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