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    Formac Oxygen 2010 and Powerbook G4

    I've an Formac Oxygen 2010 LCD which is approximately 6 years old and a 17inch powerbook g4 which is about the same age.

    I would like to use both of them together but having looked at the connections I'm a bit confused, they both look like they have a DVI connection, the G4 I know is, as I hook that up to our TV.
    But the LCD looks like a different form of DVI. It has rounded corners where the outside connection container is.

    I've tried to look for an adapter but no luck.

    Does anyone know of how to hook these two products together?

    I hope I'm making myself clear?

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    Some of those monitors shipped with the old Apple Display Connection (ADC) port.

    It looks like this:

    If that's it, you'll need a DVI to ADC adapter.
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    Thanks for that, thought I was going mad!

    They're quite expensive those adapters eh.

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