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    Feb 07, 2010
    Which Verizon phone is most Mac-compatible?
    I can't wait for Verizon to get the iPhone any longer, I can no longer bear to be seen with my ancient Treo 700p.

    I know none of my Verizon options will sync with my MacBook Pro as perfectly as the iPhone, but what is the best of my available choices? Palm Pre Plus? Droid? Blackberry Storm 2?

    I know each of these phones have their own pitfalls and drawbacks, I have plenty of info on that... But none of the reviews I find seem to address my main concern: how does it work with my Mac?

    Sorry if this isn't the right section... It's my first post.

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    Sep 09, 2006
    My Blackberry Storm works fine with my MacPro using the Blackberry desktop software.

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    Feb 28, 2010
    I've got the same question. Anybody else like using a Motorola Droid or PalmPre with MacBookPro?

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