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    iomega drive works on one mac, not the other...
    So we have this iomega drive (model GPHDU) that is USB and 300 gigs.

    It works fine on a new iMac, Intel core duo, running 10.6, no problems.
    It works fine on an old iBook, PPC, running Tiger 10.4, no problems.

    The weird thing is, the iomega drive will NOT work on an in-between machine: a PPC 17" 1.67 PowerBook! When we attach the drive to either USB port on this machine, the drive does not register in the Finder, and the drive light does not even come on; it just clicks faintly.

    To reiterate, the iomega is fine; it works brilliantly in the newer and older machines. Just not on the PowerBook.

    It should be noted that the PowerBook has a dead hard drive, and is running 10.4 off a bootable firewire drive. Maybe that's it?

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    I'll bet your Powerbook USB ports are not putting out enough power to drive the iOmega. Try using a dual USB connector from the iOmega to two USB ports at once on the Powerbook. It'll probably work that way.


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