Hi, I am a new switcher and need help please!

I purchased a 8core Mac Pro and love my machine! I spent a few weeks setting it up the way I want it and now need to do further tweaking.

Firstly I cloned the 640gb HDD onto a 1 TB Hdd and added 3 more 1 TB drives.

1 for Mac OSX
1 for Windows XP that I boot up from with Bootcamp [unfortunately there are software manufacturers that have not yet seen the light! ]
1 for my photographs (formatted NTFS but accessible to read & write with OSX software)
1 for my files and music (again formatted NTFS but accessible to read & write with OSX software)

I now wish to back all these up to my Time-capsule with Time-machine.

I upgraded the 1 TB HDD in the Time Capsule to a 2TB HDD, now for the questions I need help on:

A) Can Time Machine be run from Mac OSX and back up all 4 HDD even though some are formatted to NTFS?
B) Can I add a second 2 TB HDD via USB or FireWire to Time Capsule or directly to Mac and access it through Time Machine as an additional storage space (I can not seem to manage this)
C) Can I partition the 2 TB HDD in the time Capsule to 2x1TB partitions in order to allocate a HDD per partition?

thank you