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    Any suggestions on what to do with old macs+misc?
    Hello, i have a few really useless (for me) old macs that i, for some reaso, cant throw away? I would love to sell em but HAHAHH thats funny!

    g4 1ghz needs power supply (i would love to trade some of my junk, for a power supply for that machine)

    g3 beige tower.
    blue early imac (uggly) could never get it to load os x? weird apple issue...
    a bunch of cables, great precision 17 crt monitr, case a bit tore up but still a great monitor.

    A butt load of male/female adapters for any occasion (never know) scsi cables, small hheheehe 20 gig hard drive +, old ram
    just a bunch of parts pieces ect. I got a small mac memory lane junk yard, and have really no idea what to do with it. I really do not want to give it away or throw it away!!!!but its getting to the point of silly waste of space.

    Is there a market for this stuff? trade out for ???
    it would be kool if i could trade my misc items and find parts or cards i need for my g4, & g5's

    oh wise ones please direct me to ....???
    does this oz exist ?


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    I may be able to help you with the power supply, just maybe. I have a g4 powerbook titanium which I am parting out. Look at your power supply part number. I will be away until the end of the week so I won't be able to look at mine until then.

    I need pc 3200 (2x 1 gig) and pc 4200 memory (either 1 512 or 1 gig - assuming it doesn't need to match as in my iMac).
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    There is a small market for old scsi stuff on Ebay and the same goes for old memory depending on the size.

    If your G4 is a tower, it will be a pain to find an OEM power supply, but apparently you can modify a standard PC ATX power supply to work in a G4.

    The G3 iMac just needs a firmware upgrade. Plug it into an ethernet port, put in the OSX disk and let it do the work.

    The Beige G3 can support up to 10.3.9 using Xpostfacto.

    Both machines are good if you want to donate them to a local charity. There is not too much value for that era of machines anymore.

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    thanks for the info...

    *rj: tower! not a titanium, but thanks anyway. I believe all the ram is for the g3 era and most likely all 128 but i have bigger ram in the actual machines... ?? ill check the ram info for you.

    *strim: g4 is a tower 1ghz 400 watt needed...part number = 614-0224 rebuilt on ebay 140.00 thats a fair price + 30 trade in... so a hundred bucks is not bad, just need to purchase stuff like food and mortgage first then i get to waste money on my toys!

    the imac was bizarre... i tried everything, it was the firmware update~ but it would not allow me to update till i updated operating system but could not update operating system till i upgraded firmware! WTF?... i just kept going in circles....ERRRRR! gave up, laughed, and raised my fist to the heavens while sticking it in the garage

    xpostfacto software or hardware?

    pc atx power supply is from what ?

    what i really need is a obsolete griffen imate. discontinued. someones got to have one sitting in their drawer. +

    i need a (PCI?)card that fits in my g5 allowing me to use older ata harddrives after the two sata allowable... people got to have that as well... its just putting out the message to enough people... and cross my fingers.


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    Just dont put that stuff in the trash...some of us old Macheads still make the thrift store rounds.

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