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    Cinema display 22 power LED
    Problem: My Cinema display 22 ADC has a really bright pulsing power LED when the computer is put to sleep. The casing is too transparent all around it to create a makeshift cover.

    So, does anyone know if there is a way to disable the power LED via software or hardware? I would assume I can probably disconnected it from the board in the display, but I'm thinking that might completely disable the functionality of the brightness buttons as well. Anyone?


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    Why would you want to mess with a perfectly good cinema display and possibly damage it by attempting to disconnect the led from its circuit?

    Simple solution is to place a piece of colored cellophane tape over the light, or use a fine brush and some model airplane paint and paint over it so that it doesn't shine so bright.


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    Duck tape?
    Or as suggested above paint it. If you don't want to mark it, turn the display off at the wall when your next using it (standby) and when you are using it, just use a piece of card or something.

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