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    Apple Magic Mouse or Alternatives
    I am looking for a mouse for my new Macbook Pro 13. I know that the new Apple Magic Mouse is out I am just wondering if people recommend it over the less expensive Logitech V470?

    Is the Apple Magic Mouse worth the extra money?


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    Depends on what u want and how u plan on using it - for me the scroll with momentum, like the iPhone, is well worth it. If u need 15 buttons to program then u wont like the Magic mouse.

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    Before you opt for the V470, I'd take a serious look at the m555b.
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    I just got a new V470 in WHITE for my macbook. I haven't had any issues with it, I've been looking for a nice bluetooth mouse to go with my MacBook. I had the Microsoft Bluetooth one that was white, but could make myself use it on the Mac.

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    +1 for the Magic Mouse.

    Best mouse that I have used (with third party software to enable more features).

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    I like my Magic Mouse. But I will say it can be a bit touchy till you get used to using it. In fact I really would like to replace my mouse at work with one like my MM.


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    i have a logitech wireless USB mouse and it works fine. I believe the battery lasts forever because I haven't replaced it in over two years. However, it has its own preference pane which conflicts with the default one. For example, I wanted to set spaces to the middle wheel click, but for some reason it didn't work. I ended up setting the wheel button to F15 and then using F15 as spaces. I have tested out the magic mouse at the apple store, and I felt a bit of "click-lust" while using it-- I think I may have broken a few knuckles trying to use it. My friend recently got one, and pinched a nerve doing some bizarre 3rd party gesture (okay im kidding about that. But it looks like it is more suitable for people like this: )

    (what is that, like 8 fingers on two merged hands?)

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