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    what would be a good tv to use as a monitor for my MacBook
    Anyone have any suggests for a good flat panel TV that could double as a monitor for my MacBook (pre-unibody).
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    I've used my dads 32" 1080 Vizio with my MacBook. I connected it with the mini DVI to DVI adapter then used a Belkin DVI to HDMI cable. He uses the Vizio daily as his computer monitor, he has both of his computers connected to it along with normal tv.

    I didn't get to play with it a whole lot, but it looked great. I did notice that when you were using it while the laptop screen was on it did not run at full 1080. The mac said it had to scale the resolution down. My guess is it could only max out what the laptop screen could handle. But, when I switched it to make the Vizio the main monitor is changed the resolution to 1080 and looked wonderful.

    My guess is almost any flat panel would work just fine. But one thing to keep in mind is that the Macs DVI does not put out sound, so when you use the dvi to your tv you will still have to run sound. This can be done with a simple headphone to rca stereo adapter. The trick is to find a TV that has and HDMI input along with a separate audio input for that HDMI. I've notice not all can do this.

    Good Luck

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