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    Powerbook G4 screen issue
    Hi! i keep my powerbook open all night long without the screen saver and this morning i have 2 inches of verticals stripes black grey and purple a litlle bit of green in the roght side... When i reboot it a portion of those strip were showing the middle of my screen but it did not last .. here a picture .. Can i do anything or my screen is dead? when i plug a second monitor it works well... If it's dead can i use my second monitor as the main one? Thxs for help
    I try different setting with my ram and now i have only a black strip 1 inch wide the right of my screen is ok but it display the center of my screen instead of the right...P27-01-10_17.12.jpg
    And now the right is completly purple...
    Help me please

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    Jan 27, 2010

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