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    USB HD + new iMac
    I recently purchased a 1 TB USB hard drive for backing up music and movie files. Afterwards I got the bright idea to move my iTunes app and music files over to the external drive. I guess it would be okay if it were firewire, but that wasn't in my budget unfortunately. I've been experiencing issues and have resigned to keeping frequently used files on the external.

    Additionally when I went to add my iMovie library files over (a couple ongoing projects 128 GB) I got an error type 0. And it wouldn't copy over the group. I tried loading just one clip and got the same warning/error.

    Is it possible I didn't format it properly? I went with the default option when I reformatted. I don't recall what that was now.

    Any thoughts or advice would really be appreciated. This is my first external HD and would love a seamless way to incorporate it into my life.

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    This from another board, good advice though:

    Most USB drives out-of-the-box come formatted as FAT32. This prevents files of more than 4GB to be stored on them.

    If your VM was created with the option to break the virtual disk into 2GB segments, then all you need to do is to copy the bundle containing the virtual machine to the USB drive. There's no need to create a zip file in this case.

    If you did not choose to break the virtual disk into 2GB segments, then reformat your USB drive to MacOS Extended format using the Mac's Disk Utility. This will allow files of greater than 4GB, and will allow you to back up either the virtual machine's bundle folder or the zip file. Note: this will destroy all files USB drive, and the drive will not be usable with WIndows systems until you reformat it in FAT32 format.

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