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    Western Digital or what?
    Okay, this ole gal needs some clarity.

    I want to purchase an external hard drive. I like the idea of 1T. I would like section it into 2 volumes, one for data storage and one for video capture.

    I want at least 1T.
    I want to divide the HD into 2 parts
    I want to capture video using Firewire 800/400 with 7200 rpm
    I want to keep the cost below $150.00 (possibly free shipping and no tax)

    This link comes closes to what I need, but it has one big problem from reading the reviews. It come pre-installed with software - must read for yourself. Apparently, there is no way to defeat the software.

    If a HD comes pre-installed with software, wouldn't this make it impossible to format for Mac and also split the 1T in half?

    Have I completely confused you? If not, I sure could use some advice.



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    Sorry, couldn't find the option for email notification. Had to reply to find that little bugger.

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    I think that drive will work fine just erase, partition and you should be in business

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