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    G Drive External cashes Desktop
    Hi To everyone.

    I am brand new to this site as well as posting for help.

    I have spent almost the entire day fighting with my G Drive mini, and I am losing badly.

    The problem is that when I click the G Drive icon on my desktop all the desktop items vanish. I am unable to open the drive. The indicator light under my finder icon in the dock will then blink slowly.

    So far. I have so have contacted apple. They had me rest both my SMC (System Management Controller) And I have Also reset my "P" RAM. Neither one solved the problem.

    I then purchased and ran the external drive through Disk Warrior. Also with no success.

    I would like to note that all of my Itunes Music is on this drive. Itunes recognizes the drive and will play the music - just fine.

    I have also run disk utility several times on both my internal and external drive. All appear to be running normally according to Utility.

    The last thing I did was write the G DRIVE tech support. Of course, I won't hear back till next week.

    I am hoping that someone out there may have a solution that I have not tried yet.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Sounds like it could be a permissions problem. You might want to try accessing the drive using another account.

    Create another account on your machine. Call it test or any name you wish. Assign it admin permissions. Log off your normal account, log on to the new account you created and see if you can access the hard drive that way.

    Post back results.


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