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    Thumbs down Apple TV won't work even with suitable converter HELP !

    I bought this apple tv a couple of months ago on ebay. It seemed to be a good buy

    Soon I found out that it wouldn't work with my scart TV.
    I read some threads and found out that this was the suitable device;

    Hama Video Converter 2/3 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    I contacted the store and the salesman told me it would work.

    I received it today and connected it on the prescribed way. It still doensn't work though. Thats frustrating !

    This is my tv. Not even an old one very and capable of receiving RGB via SCART. It has 4 scart ports.

    Is there anyone who has experience with this kind of trouble. I read a lot on the internet but am a little frustrated after buying this device.
    Should i just return the HAMA converter ?

    Please help !

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    Try J.S. Technology - mine works. You need to go into a fully RGB-wired SCART though. Not all SCARTS are.


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    I have never seen or heard of a SCART interface until now. Is this a European/UK thing?

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