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    HP Keypad Warning!! HP Printer Conflict, Too!
    There is much interest in numeric keypads for Macs lately, due to the removal of the built in keypad. I'd like to present a warning about Hewlett Packard's CalcPad 200 series of numeric keypads:

    The on-line (& printed) User Manuals state that it is Mac compatible. It is not. It will not enter keystrokes into Excel or OSX's Calculator program. Of course, the quick launch and directional keys don't work either. In Excel, it will delete the first 2 keystrokes. Or it will fill the entire spreadsheet with random numbers. (I think I just bought a Screen Saver, not a keypad)

    In Calculator, it presses Clear as every first stroke or every 3 strokes and for sure the last stroke. (You can watch the buttons on screen.)

    I called HP tech and was told it is not compatible with Apple, but since you can input the numbers with it unplugged & plug it back in to send the numbers to the Mac they felt justified in saying it is compatible. Really! That's what they said! Two different calls, two different knuckleheads.
    Oh yes, they say it works great in Text Edit. Why, exactly, do I need a keypad in Text Edit, but not Excel or Calculator?

    They offered no recourse, other than that I should "Live With It". Oh, I forgot- they also asked me what I expected for the price! (Uhmm.. Truth In Advertising, perhaps?) Nice service- Huh?

    So, if you're considering this product- Please be sure you can return it when it makes you crabby! (I bought mine through the mail. It may be costly to return. Oops!)

    SIDE NOTE REGARDING HP PRINTERS: I also have 2 HP printers. I can not have both installed on the same Mac. If I have one installed and install the other, neither works. The uninstall is some cryptic & tedious set of instructions they had to send me because their uninstaller doesn't completely remove the files, preventing a successful reinstall.

    HP Tech support says these two can not be both installed on the same Mac. So, if I have to use the printer with the flat bed scanner, I have to use the other Mac & if I want to Fax, I have to use this Mac.
    The two HP siblings (Photosmart C3100 & Officejet J3680) don't get along with each other, but my long since broken Epson and Canon printers got along with either HP & with each other.

    Perhaps HP-Compaq should make snow shovels or something that they can't goof up! I can hear Tech Support now: "I'm sorry, but the snow shovel you just purchased is incompatible with snow, but it works great with spaghetti noodles."

    Sorry for ranting and raving! I just hope this post prevents some of you from buying this calculator and getting frustrated, as I did. Or from the odd coincidence of the same two printers being purchased.

    For the record, I'm done buying anything HP-Compaq makes.

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    that is as great review of those 3 products.

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    I just bought an HP Calc Pad 200 on the assumption that "works with Apple computers" meant that it would work with my iMac. Not so. There are no drivers available for Macs and the hot buttons do not take you to Word, Excel, Pages or Numbers. They reload the web page I am currently on. It is also not in RPL which I had hoped, it uses algebraic entry which sucks. I am still looking for a good Mac compatible RPL keypad. This makes a handy calculator since it is solar powered and does the basic math ok I guess. Not what I had hoped for but buyer beware.

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