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    mini display to external monitor

    Any help is appreciate. My new macbook pro flickers and blinks when mini dsiplay to HDMI cable is hooked up to my external 27" Sanyo TV. I have done many googles searches and have read about this general issue but can't seem to resolve this. I think the monitor and the notebook flicker on and off intermittently because the graphics card gets too hot. When video is playing it starts to flicker. I didnt really want to start guessing what cables to buy and experimenting with VGA, firmware updates, but it seems i might have to. Please help thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vcas30 View Post

    new macbook pro flickers and blinks when mini dsiplay to HDMI cable

    So is it still under warranty? - might be better to take in and have it tested. Contact Apple and talk to them and get it logged in the system so that there is a history.

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    i think its still under the general manufacturers warranty i didn't buy and extra plan from apple, this was purchased one month ago i don't know how long the standard warranty actually is, i will take this into consideration thank you for the idea

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    Standard warranty is 1 year from purchase date. You are still covered. It would be best to have Apple look at it so you know what's wrong and what solution to pursue.

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