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Thread: Magic Mouse - No longer can 2 finger swipe to go back/forward on Safari

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    Magic Mouse - No longer can 2 finger swipe to go back/forward on Safari
    I have an iMac, it's an aluminum one but from when they had only been out for 6 months or so. Im assuming from Dec 07??

    I bought a magic mouse because the mighty mouse had a horrible ball and loved the functionality of the magic mouse. The same day I bought the MM, I bought snow leopard, currently v10.6.2.

    Navigating back and forward always worked in Safari, but sudden doesn't. It is enabled in the mouses preferences.

    Any tips?

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    Dec 06, 2007
    Also, while I'm here.. lol

    I have a wireless keyboard, looks the current version- I got it the summer. I feel like I replace the batteries every week! They don't last long. Replaced them yesterday and already @ 73% :/

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    Wireless keyboards should last weeks so if u are sure it is not faulty batteries then take it back for a replacement. Have you been into Sys Prefs/Mouse to set up your Magic Mouse?

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