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    Question Using a hardrive with two computers, one that has time machine, and one that does not
    Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to use an external hard drive that is mac compatible with two computers.

    One computer has Snow Leopard, and has time machine, the other computer
    has Tiger OSX (10.4.11) and does NOT have time machine.

    Is it possible to use the hardrive with both?

    For The computer with Tiger OSX, I just need to back up photos that is on it.
    With the hard drive I have now, all I do is drag the photo folder and drop it into the hard drive.
    I did this technique with both computers listed above.

    I just bought a new a new hard drive and I want to use Time Machine with the computer with snow leopard.
    Can I still use the drag and drop technique with the computer that has Tiger?

    Essentially all I am asking is
    can I use time machine for two different computers, one that has time machine and one that does not?
    With one computer, the one with Time machine, I would copy my whole computer.
    With the other computer, I would just drag and drop a folder full of pictures onto the hardrive being shared by the computer with Time Machine.

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    Yes, no problem.
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    a the manual way to do a back up in Tiger is to drag and drop your user name folder into where you want to back it up to. depending on the size of the HDD and the size of the Time Machine back ups.

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