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Thread: Dell 23" vs. NEC 24" ??

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    Dell 27" vs. NEC 24" ??
    I'm in need of a new monitor to go with my G5. I shouldn't go over 650 Euro. I'm a graphic designer doing mostly layout.

    Ideally I would choose a LaCie or an Eizo but they are way out of my price range.

    I will also be using this monitor to watch movies on a secondary but not really an important aspect but one still to consider.

    I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Dell UltraSharp 2709w, which has tons of input possibilities (a plus for using it for movies) with a 6ms response time and as I have read, with calibration, it is a nice display for doing graphic work on. I believe this monitor is also a VA and not a TFT?

    The other one I've narrowed it down to is the NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi2, which is intended for graphic professionals. I believe it to be a TFT, however? Plus it it has a 8ms response time.

    Out of the two I'm leaning towards the Dell, it cost a bit less, seems to be of nice quality for the price range and of course the larger size is very tempting. I've never seen one of the larger 27" displays with the 1900x1200 resolution to compare it to one with 24" so here is where my question comes in; I'm wondering if the bigger pixel appearance of the Dell will be an annoyance or a boon to my everyday design work???

    I would really appreciate any advice, thanks!

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    Just for you.

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    thanks, that's a very helpful link!

    still wondering if the bigger pixel appearance is an annoyance?

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