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Thread: Connecting Macbook Pro to TV using mini display port and a dvi hdmi cable

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    Connecting Macbook Pro to TV using mini display port and a dvi hdmi cable
    I hooked my MacBook Pro up to my HDTV 720p via HDMI DVI cord, connected to mini displayport to DVI adapter and my computer or TV does not recognize anything. I expected the TV to immediately start showing the content on my computer but both the TV and the Macbook pro act like nothing has changed. Please help thanks

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    Try closing the lid on the MBP while connected to the TV, then wake it up using the mouse or external keyboard. Having the lid closed should force it to find the TV for outputting the display.

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    You did pick up the TV remote and press the "Input" button to change it to the port you are connecting the Mac to right?
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