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    Mini Dvi to Vga Adapter not working ?
    I just recently bought a Mini DVI to VGA adapter for my Macbook Pro 13" and it doesn't seem to be working. When I connect to my Dell monitor it recognizes that there is another screen and I am able to move my mouse off the Macbooks screen, but it just stays black as if nothing is connected. Are these two just not compatible or do I just need to change a setting with my display?

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    Can you see the cursor on the other screen?

    Try going into System Preferences - Displays - Appearance tab and put a check by 'Mirror displays'.

    If nothing - try using the 'Detect displays' button - think that'd be back on the 1st tab.
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    Just tried all of those things and I cant see the cursor on the other monitor. My other monitor says that its in power save mode and to hit a key on keyboard but when I do nothing happens.
    The odd thing is im able to drag things to that screen, its just that nothing is showing up on the screen.

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    Does it matter whether you turn on the monitor first or the MacBook first? Most of the time my Samsung monitor works fine but once in a while if I turn the Samsung monitor on first the screen stays black.

    Make sure any connections between the Mac and monitor are tight then turn the Macbook on first. Wait several seconds before turning the monitor on and see if that clears up the issue.
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    I just figured it out, the connectors I'm using just dont work together, which is why im getting no signal. Cant believe it took me this long to realize it...

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