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    How to display image on screen of old school Apple II or similar
    I want to get an oldschool apple for my office as a decoration. An Apple II or Se30, or something else like that.

    I had the idea that if I found one that could power up (seen lots on eBay) I could maybe find a way to display an image on the screen. Pixelated company logo for example. I realize the resolution and color capabilities are very limited, but I could make some pixel art

    I have no idea about these oldschool computers. What file formats would they work with, and how would I go about getting it to display full size on the screen?

    Could I load it on a floppy and open the file on the computer some how?

    I don't know where to start, so your help is much appreciated. Thanks

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    Its just an idea, but... find an old non working SE gut it and mount up a new digital photo frame in it. That way you can easily have it do a slide show of color images.

    Has the looks of the old original macs, but no hassles of the old hardware.

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    What files you can access really will depend upon which model computer you find and what software came with it. The Apple IIGS I got rid of years ago would have displayed jpegs for example. There were a couple of different display types in operation at the time as well depending upon which model was used.

    If you can give us a few ideas of some of the more interesting ideas you have found I bet we could think of something. I've probably still got my old LCII lying around and working with the 14" monitor.
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    The problem is you have screen burn in. Its also B&W. Like the photo frame idea. The whole inside pulls out of the case.

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    stingray's idea is the best!

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