Hi All

Hope I have posted this in the right place?

I have an Epson R300 printer connected to my iMac and this works fine..no issues. Last week, I bought a Mac mini which I have placed in another room. After much messing about, I have finally been able to share certain folders and been able to drag photos & music from one to another.
The problem I have is accessing the full features of the Epson printer.

If I am using iPhoto on the mini, I can send a picture to print no problem, but it will only print on the basic "fast" settings, which results in a poor photo. While I can alter the setting for the printer and select that I want to print on glossy paper and at a slower speed for high quality, these settings have no effect on the printed image. If I drag the photo from the mini to the iMac (which the printer is connected to) and then select best print etc. I get perfect results.
Can anyone help as to why my mini has no effect over the printer settings?

Many thanks