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    Memory stick is making my mac freeze and it didn't ever before...?

    Well firstly, I hope this is in the right place, sorry if it is not. I have a mac book pro with os x but the problem seems to be my maxell memory stick...

    I have had my memory stick for about 4 months and up until now has worked fine with my mac. I have been using the same memory stick in my mum's pc every so often. Well, I put a pdf file onto my memory stick from my mac, put it onto my mum's pc which I copied the files from, then I put it back into my mac froze!

    The memory stick flashed for a lot longer than usual then the rainbow/beach ball appeared and my mac froze! I could'nt do anything. I had to use the power on/off button to close it, which I really don't like doing but didn't know what else to do.

    I put my memory stick back into the pc and it said the files were corrupt or something.

    However, I then put my memory stick into my old emac and showed the files fine, so I am really confused. What's going on and how can I make it work? I have tried it in my mac a few times but it just freezes, even when the memory stick is in before I turn my computer on. I have tried a different usb port but the same happened. I tried a different memory stick and it worked fine. It is very frustrating. PLEASE can someone help...thank you very much in advance

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    Try deleting everything off of it in the pc and see how it goes. If that doesn't work you could try and re-format it. If that doesn't work throw it away and buy a new one.

    Hope this helps

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    So put it in the emac, then delete everything off it? Only it doesnt work on my mac book pro or the pc now

    And how would i re-format it? Sorry i dont know much about this but appreciate your help

    ETA: I was really paranoid that my stick picked up a virus, I wasn't sure on the reason it was working then wouldn't

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