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    Sharp Printer/Copier Network Problem
    Hello all,

    I'm at my wits end with this one and have already looked over the FAQ and attempted those fixes to no avail. I have been unable to successfully get any of our office Macs (ranging from 10.4 to 10.6) to print from our networked Sharp AR-M450N printer/copier. I have easily gotten every single PC in the office printing on it over the network (so I know it is available on the network and not malfunctioning).

    Here is the problem for your review:
    - Will show as available when adding it through IP and 'adds' fine
    - Generic PostScript driver does not work
    - When I switch it to the AR-450 driver listed in OS X it still does not work
    - Have installed most up-to-date driver from Sharp website but it does not appear in the driver list
    - Queue shows print jobs but immediately pauses; if you 'play' the jobs in the queue window it will then immediately pause again; same cycle endlessly and nothing will ever print

    No matter what I do I cannot get it to print. I very much appreciate any and all help you can offer. Thanks again.

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    Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the Forum. Is it feasible to physically connect the pinter to one of the macs and then share it with the Network?

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    sharp MFPs
    We have been having problems with our Sharp, but we have been able to connect all of our macs to it no problem. Sharp has drivers that do detect OS versions. It may be that you need to download the specific drivers for each version of Mac OS you operate with. We use 10.6.2 and the only function we cannot use is the scanner. The Sharp MFP sends a file that the Mac just can't figure out. When downloading drivers from the Sharp website many of the models do not show up. Rather than select one yourself the last option on the list is "Model Not Listed". This allows you to enter the exact model you have. The only thing is you will have to do this for each computer that uses a different OS. Once you download and extract the driver (just click on it and follow the instructions) the mac should allow you to set the drivers.

    Our problems are getting the scan function to actually send the scanned item to the mac and when we print pdfs that are black text the Sharp prints it as a composite color. They come out bronze and it is costing a bundle to print them. We gave up using it as a printer until Sharp can figure out how to stop this. No luck on either items so far. Any ideas out there?

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    there is an option that you will need to have installed on the Sharp to get it to communicate with the Macs. You need both PCL emulation and PostScript emulation.

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