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    Problem with WD MyBook hdd on macbook
    I am having a problem problem with my external hardisk, WD Mybook 1Tb. Since 2 weeks now, everytime I plug it to my macbook, a message: " The disk you inserted cannot be read by this computer, Initialize, ignore, eject pops up".
    The hdd is connected to the computer by usb.
    It has 3 partitions all FAT32.
    Diskwarrior cannot find the disk.
    When I choose initialize, Disk utility shows the HDD has 2.2 TB external media.
    I have googled but I cannot find any solution.
    I was wondering if someone can help here.
    I am using a macbook late october 2008 that is running snow leopard 10.6.2

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    It's not a good sign when Disk Warrior can't see the drive. It appears that your 1 TB drive is defective. Unless you have critical data on that drive that you absolutely have to extract from it, contact WD tech support and get a RMA for the drive. They will send you a replacement. The drive should still be under warranty. (three years)


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    Ok, thx for your reply. I will try to check if I can use it under windows. When I plug it on firewire the macbook can see it. I am not sure it is a hardware problem.

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    I'm having the same problem only with my internal HD. I ran Diskwarrior on my Mac24 took like 3 days and my computer hang and will not respond. (appears it went to sleep and all I got was the black screen) Call DW tech support, the guy on the phone suggested me to do a hard restart on the computer. after that, diskwarrior can no longer find my interanl HD...?? What the?

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