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Thread: Hard Drive Readers- Firewire?

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    Hard Drive Readers- Firewire?
    So seen these things: Cables Unlimited USB 2.0 + eSATA to SATA Hard Drive Dock With 2-Port Hub and Memory Card Reader: Computers

    Just wondering if this type of thing is offered with firewire 800 instead of USB?

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    so, basically what i am wanting to do is soon or later build myself a hackintosh... for that project i am going to want at least a 1tb internal... so i might as well go ahead and buy a 1tb 3.5 drive for when i build that and just start using it now for my thesis because i need more space already...
    so, until my hackintosh is built i would like to have a way to use my 1tb 3.5 but i really don't want to do USB... would love to just go with the firewire 800... i found this one, but i am not 100% confident in myself that it is the right choice or even the correct thing... so, just wanting to make sure that it is your understanding that i can put internal hard drives in this dock and have firewire 800 access... and if it matters, i will probably go with WD 1tb 3.5 internal hard drive...
    so here is the dock, you think it will work:
    NewerTech® - Voyager Q “Quad Interface” FireWire® 800/400/USB 2.0/eSATA - SATA I/II Hard Drive Docking Solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrod81 View Post
    so, basically what i am wanting to do is soon or later build myself a hackintosh...
    Not a topic we can discuss here, against forum policy...

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    That would be what a quad interface implies.

    And as stated above, discussions related to hackintosh are not allowed here.
    We should all now be fully aware with the results of the Psystar, that it is indeed illegal.
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