Hi there,

I just bought the Iomega UltraMax Plus 2T for my Mac Book Pro OS X 10.5

When I first bought the hard drive it was in the wrong configuration, so I changed the configuration and Eased/Reformatted the drives. It is now in the simple non-RAID format.

When I powered down the drive for the first time, by trashing the volumes, the drive automatically stops running, and I think the lights also changed. This made me feel as if was ok to switch off the drive.

However if I do this now, since I have reformatted the drive, the drive keeps on running. It feels almost as if I am damaging the drive by switching it off.

Can anyone advise me please.

P.S I have already spent 1.5 hours on Iomega chat facility on there website trying to get this answered. No luck.