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    ViewSonic LCD Monitor & MacBook - Out Of Range
    Hi there..

    By the title, you can more or less get the picture. I got it a week ago, worked fine up until yesterday, I had noticed their was lines flickering on the screen on dark colours so I thought I'd see if I could alter it but I just made it worse. Although, I only used the auto-adjust feature, giving me an Out Of Range message and the suggested resolution, all other's look terrible and aren't even usable.

    It's quite confusing as nothing's changed on my Mac, no software updates, I barely did anything to the monitor, nothing I hadn't done when I first got it but still, I'm getting this problem.

    I've looked all over Google, Viewsonics website and found nothing that can solve it. I'm assuming I may need to reset the monitor to it's factory settings to forget my laptop all together but I can't seem to do that.

    The monitor is a Viewsonic VA2413wm and I'm using a unibody white macbook running snow leopard 10.6.2.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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    My first reaction would be that the monitor is kaput.

    Leave it to Viewsonic to make a 24" widescreen digital display with only an analog input. ???

    Things to try...

    Reset the monitor to default - need to pull out the manual if it's not obvious with the OSD (on screen display).

    If you are using the mini-display port to VGA adapter, while the adapter is connected and the monitor is on, install the firmware update - here. Read directions.
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    In the menu, there's an option called "Memory Recall", which I assume and according to the manual resets to factory settings.

    Memory Recall returns the adjustments back to factory settings if the display is operating in a factory Preset Timing Mode listed in the Specifications of this manual.
    I tried that firmware update, but it was just telling me that nothing was connected.

    I've tried it on a PC as well and at the recommended resolution it said the same.

    Looks like I'll have to take it back.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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