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    Trouble getting my HP Deskjet F4440 to work in Photoshop CS4!
    I recently received a HP Deskjet F4440 as a gift. I installed it, hooked it up to my computer and have been able to print without any problems. But now I want to scan, and the scanner isn't showing up in Photoshop! I read instructions saying to take the TWAIN.plugin file off the install disk, but I just inserted the disk into my computer and there IS NO FILE with that name! All I see are the HP Installer, the ReadMe folder, and the License file. So basically it's all text files plus the installer. No "Goodies" folder that keeps getting mentioned.

    Can someone please help me?

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    Well I have Photoshop CS4 extended and they moved or removed import from scanner feature. I have to use CS3 if I want to do that.

    I get lazy though so I just use Preview to have my documents scanned and if I need to do some color corrections or resizing I open it up in Photoshop.

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    Yep, Adobe removed the TWAIN feature from CS4 for some reason...

    If I want to scan on my Mac I use 'Image Capture' found within your Applications folder. It's simple but pretty good, you can rotate, crop, adjust DPI, color etc.

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