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    LoOkiNg fOr a gOoD 2Tb HaRd DriVe
    I have a friend who is like a mac expert and so i wanted to buy 'im for his birthday an external hard drive because he told me once he needed a big one as he's already got like 5 500gb hard drives.

    I was thinking about buying him a 2tb external hard drive but i need help to find the right one.

    He has a MacBook Pro with Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.6. So i think it would be best to buy a hard drive which has Firewire 800 or 400.

    THE PROBLEM IS I can only spend a maximum of 170 Pounds and so far i have found no hard drive for that price apart from one:

    Western Digital My Book Home Edition 2TB Hard Disk Drive Triple Interface (External) | (WDH1CS20000E) Western Digital My Book Home Edition 2TB Hard Disk Drive Triple Interface (External)


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    Well to be honest, HD's are HD's, some are possibly more reliable than others, but most are good these days.
    The big names like WD, Hitachi, Lacie, Seagate all offer good models, it's just a case of getting one with the connection you want.
    Those with Firewire command premium prices in general, as do portable, bus powered models.
    Any of those you have picked should be fine.
    If you are not looking for Firewire specifically, and USB2 will suffice, Tesco have a 1TB Seagate for £60 at the moment.
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